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Artist: Ambrose Getz

Director: Tana Sirois

Producer: Margot Bennett

Director of Photography: Eurica Yu

Art Directors: Margot Bennett, Ambrose Getz

Grip: Jon Saavedra

Gaffer: Matthew Roveto

MUA: Nina Carelli

Edit: Camille Getz

Color: Loren White



Ambrose Getz - Guitar & Voice

Almog Sharvit - Bass

Noah Rott - Synth

Lukas Koenig - Drums


Mixed by Daniel Bloch

Mastered by Rachel Field


Special thanks to Shawn Peled for the wheels, Richard Bennett for the helping hands, Rev. Richard Hong and the First Presbyterian Church of Englewood for our singular location, Jon Izarpate for the gear, Drue Mirchand & Luca Ameri for the use of your beautiful ceramics, and Ben Levine for nautical consultation.

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